Social Factory is a modern Joomla! extension that allows you to create a custom Social Networking website or any type of Community website. Social Factory is designed for easy customization and total flexibility.
You have to login in order to test all functionalities of our Extension. Just login using the module on the left and play around. You can also test the administrative backend following the link above. To check available Modules, please use the link on the left.
Grow your Community - Your Community grows around communication and connections between users.Members can bind friendships, post on the wall, create and join Events, as well as comment on each other's posts.Keep your users engaged and the community will grow! 
Fully Customizable Profile - Your members can provide any kind of information related to your specific implementation. It does not matter if you run a biker community or a cello playing club - you can create the necessary profile fields and place them on any page you like!
Membership Management - You can enable a set of memberships to suite your community needs. Memberships can have limited access to specific features or unlimited access to other ones.
Photo and Video Galleries - Community members can easily set up their galleries, share photos and comment on their friends' photos and videos. Social Networking is not only about friend connections but also about sharing thoughts, images and media.
User Groups - Social Networking users can join interest groups where they can post information without being in a friendship. Groups help drive the community further and grow the strength of the relationships.

Social Factory is built with one main goal in mind - Ease of Customization. Every section, page, field, instance or add-on can be configured, arranged or hidden with a few simple clicks. Every design configuration is visual and intuitive.

Unlimited profile custom fields can be created and published in any page, all the pages are also fully customizable with zones which contain the custom fields. The zones and fields can be arranged with a user friendly drag and drop system in the administrator backend of Joomla. Also several additional parameters can be set like “width” or CSS class for the zones in the page.

For monetary gain, a full Membership management system is included with the extension to limit or grant user access to specific features. Fully customizable membership plans, payment gateways and Invoicing for administrative purposes will allow you to earn membership fees from your users.

Membership plans created by the Admins can have the following features disabled or limited access only for specific plans:

  • Create Events - If the user can create events
  • Attend Events - If the user can attend events
  • Friends - How many friends the user can have (unlimited can also be set)
  • Top Friends - How many top friends the user can have (unlimited can also be set)
  • Create Groups - If the user can create groups
  • Join Groups - If the user can join groups
  • Interactions - How many interactions the user can send in a day (unlimited can also be set)
  • Albums - How many albums the user can create (unlimited can also be set)
  • Videos Allowed - How many videos the user can add (unlimited can also be set)
When editing the membership, the admin can choose to update restrictions already issued to users. Then via the memberships, users get access to those features.

The admin can set under which membership new users register, its duration and under which membership they fall after expiration. A notification interval can be set which informs users when their membership will expire.


Membership Options

Multiple Payment Gateways are available out of the box:

  • PayPal
  • Authorize
  • Google Checkout
  • iDealing
  • Skrill (MoneyBookers)
  • SagePay
  • Offline Payment Plugin
The system also generates invoices for every payment, where the layout of the invoice can be customized with the help of a WYSIWYG editor. The invoice can include VAT, Seller Info, Buyer Info and membership name.

Multiple Integrations are available to extend the Social Factory capabilities. Google Maps can be used to show users location and also a Facebook Plugin is available for Facebook Login. A profile will be created with the synched data within Social Factory.

Furthermore, the notifications can be modified, created, unpublished and also a test feature is available, in case you create custom notifications. A feature which should be present in any website today is Reporting offensive contents. With Social Factory users can report any content which can be reviewed by an admin. For instance, the users can report Comments, Events, Photos, Profiles, Videos ..

Other built-in features of Social Factory are:

  • Backup - backup your Social Factory database and settings, can also backup Joomla Users
  • Google CDN jQuery libraries - can be enabled if desired
  • Settable date format
  • Joomla Quick Icon with Social Factory - plugin
  • Infobar - shows on all Social Factory pages and displays notifications
  • CRON Jobs
  • Trial Memberships can be set up for users
  • User Profile Fields Visibility - To friends, to all or no one
  • Dashboard with latest Users, Payments, Reports and Orders
  • Ban/unban or delete users
  • Export users in a CSV file
  • Set multiple prices for a membership - when different durations are desired
  • Users can create events which others can sign up for
  • User can create groups
  • Users can start discussion boards
  • Admin can set limits on groups for users, posts and replies
  • Category for groups
  • “Wall” with friends action updates
  • Order and Payments lists
  • Awards module (new!) - users can get medals for specific actions
  • and many more...

For a better product insight please check also our product documentation which describes in detail, all available features and settings of the extension. If any questions, don't hesitate to ask using the ticket system or our forum.

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